Kimmie (bathroom_ninja) wrote,

omg. lets get some shoes

Normally I don't like small posts but this was too funny not to post...



You know, just curious.

Besides the silly descriptions, I love Steve Madden. Steve Madden is probably a gay man, but I would like to make love with him. Afterwards we can gossip and put glitter and rhinestones on our toenails.

Those shoes totally give me a girlboner.

Well damn, since I'm already writing here's some more items I've been drooling over

This is beautiful. I bought this. It has yet to arrive. [Don't ask me the cost lol]

I am very worried that it's going to end up like this;
That might be the grossest purple ever. Only time will tell.

I've been really wanting a hobo bag because I like looking slouchy. So if that doesn't work out I am probably going to buy this one...
...from Urban Outfitters


Speaking of Urban Outfitters, I'm not really into the whole indie/grandma's closest look on myself [however some people pull it off awesomely] but Urban has got the raddest [yeah I said raddest] home decor stuffs EVAR.

Heart mixing bowls!

Silly lights!

Books about poo! LOL LOL LOL

Okay I'm done....but they have a lot of cool things.

I also must have these shoes [not from Urban]

I am really starting to like purple. I am thinking my Meta Swan Lake skirt had something to do with that. I haven't worn it publicly but I wear it in my room a lot. Totally not loser-ish at ALL. I'll wear it out soon, dammit.

Well, livejournal, there is one last thing I have to tell you. I am going on a slut-diet. What is this you ask? It's a diet that girls go on so they can dress like sluts. Yep. I'm going to a huge rave in the end of May [etd.POP, google it] and I decided I need to be skankeriffic. I'm actually not 'dieting' per se, but I am counting calories and trying to work out more and all that good stuff. I like counting calories, it structures my life. I think I need math in my life at all times to make me sane. I love math.

Uhhh...anyway, I am hoping to reach 130 by the end of April. Earlier would be awesome but I think that's a pretty good goal. 125 would be awesome by the time of the rave [May 23rd]. Currently I am 140. It would also be nice to lose a few inches on these boobs, they are kind of ruling my life.

Anyhoo, I'm sure my next entry will contain some vanity or feminist ramblings like usual...until then, toodles ♥

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