Kimmie (bathroom_ninja) wrote,

-Feel free to ask for better photos!
-Did my best guess on the prices, but it’s been a while so I’m not sure how correct they are
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-Paypal payments please!

Angelic Pretty Dress $110
Chest: I would say 37-38” bust MAX, I have a 39” with a bra on and it fits…but not exactly comfortably. So unless you want to wear a bust-reducer or some such thing I wouldn’t buy it if you were over 38”
Waist: 29” MAX
Hips: Open

I love love love this dress but my boobs are too big and that’s never going to change so I’m selling it…and I hope you love it as much as I did…never worn, just sat in my closet looking beautiful…

Angelic Pretty Tote $35
10 inches tall
12 inches across
4 inches wide

This bag is so adorable but I’m keeping another Lolita bag and I’ve only used it a few times so I can’t justify keeping it

Metamorphose Skirt $40
Waist: 28” MAX I have a 28” waist and it fits, I did wear this once when I had a 29-30” but I wore a waist cincher and it was uncomfortable…Probably best for 26-27” but 28” is definitely do-able!
Hips: Open

Super cute, think I got it from a lucky pack…? Doesn’t really need a petticoat but would be cute with one. Lots of ruffles and a bow you can tie in the back

Anna House Blouse $35
Measurements; [from their website]
Size L
Chest: 36-38” [Potentially 39” but their may be a boob gap-which can easily be fixed with a safety pin :)]
Waist: 30-32” [I have a 28” and it looks fine, depends on what skirt you pair with it]

In The Starlight Skirt $35
Waist: 27-29” I’d say…I have a 28” and it fits beautifully
Hips: Open

The fabric is so pretty!!

In The Starlight Petticoat $30
Waist: Well, it’s a petticoat…so it’s pretty open, but I’d say a comfortable 26”-31”
Hips: Open

Fanplus Friend Blouse $10/$15
$10 if you’re buying another item, $15 if not. One of the buttons is missing and so is the necktie, but it’s perfect in every other way. Thus the cheap price…
Chest: 38”-39” [online the size I got says 40”, but I don’t think that’s right]
Waist: Pretty open, it has ties in the back so you can make it tighter/looser


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